Garden-city Podkowa Leśna, September 14 – 16, 2007
Hours 11.00-20.00

Beginning of the Festival takes place of September 14th, 7 pm, Podkowa Lesna, Museum of A. and J. Iwaszkiewicz in Stawisko, Gołębia St. 1, Concert of Trebunie Tutki, world known folk group from the Tatra Mountains.

Free entrance to all events Open Gardens Festival.

Free transportation by selected WKD trains from Warsaw Central Station to Podkowa Lesna Central Station (Podkowa Lesna Glówna, it takes 40 minutes from Warsaw to Podkowa)

More information on the information point during the event: WKD Train Station in Podkowa Lesna Glowna, 11h00-15h00

As we walk the quiet streets, past high fences overgrown with vines, and only glimpse the dark trunks of old apple trees, wouldn’t we love to be invited inside to wonder these lush, secret gardens where only birds are free to nest without permission?

During the Open Garden Festival our wishes come true we find the gates to the enchanted gardens open. Their residents welcome us and tell their stories to visitors from afar and from across the street. Local artists will enliven these quiet, often historic places, with music and art.

There will be guided walking tours, exhibits, performances. Visitors who wonder through our garden-towns during the Festival days will experience their history and natural beauty and glimpse their contemporary life.

In Podkowa Lesna about 50 events are planned – Music Gardens, Contemporary Art Gardens, exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, films.

One of the important events will be the Exhibition of Ecological Products for Buildings and Gardens – Garden Of Ecological Technologies, 15-16.09, Podkowa Leśna Główna, Crossing of Modrzewiowa and Kościelna Streets

Open Gardens is organized as part of European Heritage Days under the honorary patronage of the Polish Minister of Culture, Danish Ambassador in Poland, Mayor of Podkowa Leśna.
Have a look at the Program’s website http://www.otwarteogrody.pl

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Podkowa Leśna

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